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Need: LanXess approached J Street Technology to design and build an Interlock Management database application – a single tool to replace the unwieldy set of Excel spreadsheets that housed their data. An interlock is a rule that shuts down or prevents operation of one piece of equipment (like opening a valve) if another condition exists (like the temperature is too high). LanXess needed to track thousands of interlocks across multiple production facilities.
Solution: A discovery phase several years earlier resulted in a project plan to develop a modern web application according to their that would meet their needs. After J Street developed the system, the interlock database house now stores and documents data on the corporation's thousands of chemical engineering devices and their interlocks—processes that govern those devices when certain conditions are met.
Technologies used: Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC Core, Microsoft IIS.

LanXess makes chemical products in large production facilities. They asked J Street to help them document thousands of “interlocks” between equipment.

Project slideshow

The Interlock Management database application was designed to present large, complex data sets and maximize sorting, filtering, and presentation of the data. Each device can have child records of various types, displayed in detail on the Device Detail screen.