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Need: When MinnTex Citrus approached J Street Technology, they were operating on a combination of extremely dated character-based (aka "green-screen") software and a collection of Access tools developed by an internal resource with considerable other responsibilities. Since MinnTex's founding in 1981, their business had expanded significantly. The old software wasn't keeping up, and ongoing maintenance of the Access tools was starting to overwhelm them. After a discovery project to determine the most effective approach to modernizing their system, MinnTex elected to move forward with building a new application.
Solution: MinnTex Citrus was uniquely positioned upon starting this project, in that they had built their Access environment specifically to support existing processes. While this provided a good idea of what the application had to do, it also posed some challenges in working within the confines of an existing schema. For this reason, as well as considering that the application was only needed for a few employees on-site at their warehouse, we moved forward with a hybrid Access front-end application with a Microsoft SQL Server back-end database. During a customer visit by J Street and Microsoft, the owner of MinnTex said that running MOXI, as the system is known, is like having a whole other employee!
Technologies used: SQL Server, Microsoft Access.

MinnTex had a 30-year-old database system with a vintage character-based interface. They asked J Street to replace it with a modern desktop application.

Project slideshow

The application is designed to prioritize transparency and usability of MinnTex's data. That's typically accomplished using List Forms, like this one for Inbound Shipments. A form like this arranges user data in a clean, easily-navigated table that can be sorted, filtered, and drilled down to view additional details. The Inbound Shipment intake screen was designed to fit their procedures for accepting shipments of product. All the data points they need are there, arranged to optimize efficiency for the end user.