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Bellevue Botanical Garden

Need: Allow botanists and newbies alike to explore the garden online.
Solution: A web application with easy searching, maps and gorgeous photos.
Technologies used: ASP.NET, SQL Server, Access

Bellevue Botanical Garden hired J Street to create a dynamic web site to allow anyone, from botanists to casual enthusiasts, to take a virtual tour of the garden, search for plants using a variety of characteristics, and view beautiful high-resolution photos online. Today the site is used by thousands of users to learn about the garden.

Explore the Garden

Project slideshow

Visitors have lots of ways to search. A simple plant name will work – just type what you know. You can search for plants using drop-down lists of names, or by hundreds of characteristics. There’s even a collection of art work, sculptures and tribute installations to explore. Visitors can explore the garden by clicking on maps to see what plants are growing there. Searching by characteristics allows the visitor to find plants that meet many different criteria, including color, soil, sunlight and water requirements, and many more. For the botanist or enthusiast, there’s a detailed plant search where you can get your Latin into gear. The search results show not only a photo of the each plant, but also the official name and all the locations in the garden where it can be found. Your search is rewarded with a detailed plant page, with all characteristics and more photos. Each of the photos may be clicked for a gorgeous high-resolution image.