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J Street Movie Reviews

Need: Track and review the hundreds of movies that the J Street team watches.
Solution: An Access web application running on Office 365 that keeps all those reviews together.
Technologies used: Access web application, Office 365

At J Street Technology, we use our skills to build systems for ourselves! We also love to watch movies and discuss them – we even review them at our company meetings. So being database nerds, of course we had to build our very own application to track our movie reviews. Over the years our Movie Reviews application has migrated from Access to SQL Server, ASP, and ASP.NET. This version uses Access 2010 web services with a SharePoint back-end database, running on Office 365.

Project slideshow

The entire application runs in any web browser, including IE, Chrome and Firefox. Unlike traditional Access applications, no desktop installation is needed! The first screen allows the user to search and sort movies. The Movie detail screen is a traditional form and subform architecture. But because the application is running on the web, there are some limitations. Aggregate values (like averages and sums) can’t be calculated using traditional totals queries. Instead, we calculate them into stored fields using Data Macros, which are defined at the table level and are web safe. Access 2010 includes an intrinsic web browser control that is fully programmable. This makes it easy to display related web content right in the application. In this case, we’ve created a tab on the Movie screen that displays the selected movie’s IMDB page. It’s easy to maintain the people in the database (these names have been randomized). Again, we use data macros to calculate average scores and review counts. We also use a technique to sort inactive people to the bottom of the list, not only here but also in dropdown lists.