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Kids ’n’ Pets

Need: Manage orders and product shipments to warehouses.
Solution: A desktop application that makes easy work of tracking and printing orders and packing lists.
Technologies used: Access

Paramount Chemical Specialties needed a more efficient way to track wholesale product orders for their Kids ’n’ Pets Brand stain and odor removal products. Their process of sending and receiving faxes manually, and trying to keep track of orders in Excel spreadsheets was becoming too cumbersome as their sales increased. Paramount is a small business and didn’t want to spend a lot of money. J Street designed and developed a small, cost-effective Access application to reduce Paramount’s workload and help them track orders more accurately.

Project slideshow

Our easy-to-use design allows the user to quickly search and sort to find the orders they want to work with, and drill down for more details. Once an order is shipped, it is automatically dropped from the list, so that the historical records don't hinder the workflow. All drop-down lists in the system are fully configurable using our standard Customize panel technique. Our customers are often surprised when they find that they can configure the various dropdown values across their system, without needing any further programming from us. It takes a bit more effort to make everything configurable, but it’s worth it. Our systems work perfectly for our customers for many years without needing programming updates.