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Richmark Label

Need: Replace an aging, poorly-designed character-based software package with a modern web-based application to manage Richmark’s custom label work order flow and many other aspects of their busy operation.
Solution: A modern ASP.NET + SQL Server web application that manages all aspects of dies, quotes and work orders, and interfaces with QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Technologies used: ASP.NET, CSS, JQuery, SQL Server, QuickBooks integration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, shop floor touchscreens.

Richmark was worried that their 20-year-old system was prone to failure and support wasn’t available if something went wrong. J Street worked with Richmark to assess their requirements across the entire business, and we designed and built a custom web application that would meet their needs. This is a very complex app that is used by several departments to efficiently quote, process and deliver custom product label jobs for commercial customers across the US.

Project slideshow

A powerful Work Order search page allows the user to find work orders quickly.  We use modern user interface features like resizable columns.  A list of work orders can be exported to Excel right from this page. View and edit complex Work Orders with data validation rules. We worked to recreate a very complex paper work order format with multiple presentation requirements and overflow rules. Each individual Die is tracked by the system, including detailed dimensions and technical specs.  The ability for the user to edit certain fields is controlled by their Roles, each of which may be assigned a configurable set of permissions or capabilities. Company information is synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that all important information is viewable in both systems. Almost every aspect of the system is configurable, including users, roles, permissions, etc.  Here is a list of additional charges that can be added to any work order.