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February 9, 2021  

J Street is already a virtual company.  We are not affected by the stay-at-home orders in our state, and we've been working remotely for over a year.  Let us know if you need help with work-from-home technology like web conferencing, online document sharing, and web applications.

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President Armen Stein was re-awarded Microsoft MVP status for the 15th consecutive year! That tells you something about his passion for technology and helping others.

Backgammon, Business, and Life



As an Armenian, playing backgammon was pretty much expected of me from an early age. When I was 5, my mom said that she'd play with me, but I had to promise not to cry when I lost. Notice that she said when, not if. The trash talk starts early in backgammon.


Later, when I was around 7 or 8, we traveled to Michigan to visit my Armenian relatives. I remember my grandfather slapping his pieces down with an audible clack when he hit my pieces. It was a bit intimidating, though otherwise he was a gentle soul. I understood that it was just part of the game. 


To this day, my 86-year-old mother asks if I would like a "backgammon lesson". Although I'm a pretty good player, she usually beats me. She can't explain her game. She doesn't think about probabilities or strategies - she just plays from experience. 


Over the years I've realized that backgammon, business, and life are similar in many ways. Read my Backgammon, Business, and Life article for 10 lessons that I've discovered. 


Do you play backgammon?  Backgammon NJ is a phone app with a good AI.  If you've got some experience and would like to play another human, I'm open to challengers - I play on the delightfully antiquated but serviceable SimplyBG.com.  It supports turn-by-turn games that can be played over time, so there's no specific time commitment.  Let me know by replying to this email.