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October 23, 2018

What's the buzz around the J Street office? Exciting changes are happening - stay tuned for more details!

President Armen Stein has earned the Microsoft MVP Award every year since 2006. The award is for technical expertise (for Access in Armen's case) and community involvement.  There are fewer than 40 Access MVPs in the world!


  Let's Talk About Money

One of the hardest subjects to broach, in business or personal matters, is money.  People are often uncomfortable bringing up the topic, especially when they need a product or service they're not very familiar with.  This discomfort comes up frequently during my initial consults with prospective clients.

Instead of talking for a long time about everything except money, I've learned to bring it up as soon as possible.  Many of the people who contact us don't know how much custom software development costs, so it's best to cover it right away.

The next step is to determine a) if it's even possible for the client to invest what's necessary, and b) whether it makes sense to invest it.  It is NOT my job to convince them to do the project – they should proceed only if the work will pay them back with a good return on their investment (ROI).  My job is to understand what they need and tell them what it’s going to cost.

I find that a direct conversation about money seems to put people at ease, and helps them learn something about software development whether or not they choose to move forward with us. Do you find this to be true in your industry also?

Contact us for a free consultation -- we're here to help you!  And don't worry - we'll talk about money right away.


Intern Khruiz Earns His Fifth NATCH!


Our team members work hard and play hard, too! When Katrina (human), Khruiz (Belgian Sheepdog on the left), and Khaper (Belgian Malinois on the right) aren't hard at work helping clients they are usually training or competing in dog sports like agility.

Khruiz recently earned his 5th NATCH (an abbreviation for an agility trial championship title)! 

Congratulations, Katrina and Khruiz!



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