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Benchmark Plus

Need: Collect information from fund managers easily, 24/7.
Solution: A web application that allows fund managers to add and update their own information quickly and easily, from anywhere.
Technologies used: ASP.NET, SQL Server, Access

When Benchmark Plus needed a new data-driven web site to collect information from fund managers, they turned to J Street Technology to design and build the underlying database, the ASP.NET web application, and an Access application to manage the lookup tables and other administrative tasks.

Project slideshow

The simple visual design of the site focuses the user on the basic functionality of the application. Data validation rules ensure that information entered into the database meets Benchmark’s standards, and help screens guide the fund managers through the process. We built a complex grid to allow the fund managers to enter historical fund performance information. We included extra logic not only to ensure that the values were valid, but also that there were no gaps in the history of the fund. Although the tabs and grids present the data in year and month format, the underlying data structure is normalized with individual month/year records.